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Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller


Did somebody say "screen-free" imagination time? We're so in. Introducing audio stories for all ages to dream, explore and have fun learning. With My Fabulous Storyteller, children create their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location and more. Let the fun and engaging adventure begin.

How it works

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Screen-free Entertainment

Reduce screen time and protect their developing brain.

    48 audio stories included & 300+ stories to download

    Over 3 hours of audio stories pre-loaded available on free download in 8 languages. And an additional 6 bedtime stories in 8 languages to download for free.

    100+ multilingual albums capacity & 8h of continuous use

    Ideal for long trips as you can host over 100 albums in multiple languages at the same time, and with an autonomy of 8 hours of continuous listening without recharging!

    Volume controlled

    Built-in speaker with a volume curbed at 85db to protect children's ears


    • Product dimensions : 6.8 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches

    • Weight : 7 ounces

    • Wi-fi Free, Bluetooth Free, and screen-less

    • Built-in speaker

    • Limited volume to protect children’s ears (65db)

    • Charging cable included

    • Rechargeable via included micro USB

    • Compatible with Mac, PC and Linux

    • 48 stories preloaded in the Storyteller

    • 12 bedtime stories in English and 6 other languages available for free on the luniistore


    How do I add albums of stories to My Fabulous Storyteller?

    • Download the Luniistore from our website.
    • Create an account or login to the Luniistore.
    • Connect your My Fabulous Storyteller to your computer and turn it on and you can then start transferring your audio stories.

    How many story albums can I put onto My Fabulous Storyteller?

    • Stories are between 3 and 10 minutes long.
    • You can add 14 to 18 albums of stories to your Storyteller, for approximately 30 hours of listening time, meaning hundreds of stories.

    Download the User Manual for more information

    Key Features

    • Screen-free entertainment
    • 48 audio stories included
    • 300+ stories to download

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    Develop vocabulary. Cultivate curiosity. Lunii was co-founded by four talented, passionate and determined entrepreneurs. Their goal was to pull children away from screens and allow them to expand their creativity and imaginative powers by developing an innovative brand for kids.
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