Talli Baby One-Touch Logging Device

Talli Baby


Talli Baby

Talli Baby One-Touch Logging Device


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Log baby care (feedings, diapers, sleep, and more) with one touch of a button. The Talli Baby one-touch tracker uses your home Wi-Fi to send events to the Talli Baby app. (Your phone does not need to be nearby.) It's quick and easy for those late-night wake-ups and feedings, and it's simple and intuitive for grandparents, nannies and other caregivers. Check in from the app anytime, anywhere to see all your baby's data in real-time, no matter how it was logged or who logged it.


  • 12 months free access to Talli Baby mobile app (iOS & Android)

  • Free Alexa integration (requires Echo device)

  • Device features

    • Device uses Wi-Fi to transmit events to the app. Your phone does NOT need to be nearby.

    • Log 8 event types with one touch of a button

      • Bottle feedings (If you generally feed the same thing, e.g., 4 oz of formula, you can set that in the app as the default.)

      • Solid food feedings (Add notes for type of food & amount in the app)

      • Wet diaper

      • Dirty diaper - Diaper wet and dirty? Press both buttons at the same time.

      • Sleep (Press once when baby goes to sleep & again when she wakes up. The app calculates how long she slept.)

      • Nursing (Press once when baby starts nursing & again when she stops. Track by side in the app if needed.)

      • Pumping (Press once when you start pumping & again when you stop. Enter amount(s) or track time by side in the app.)

      • Miscellaneous (Configure to track whatever you need. Medications, therapies, baths, tummy time - anything!)

    • Device runs on 4 AA batteries. No chargers, no cords.

    • Wi-Fi transmitter is only on when the device is transmitting an event. When not logging an event, the device and Wi-Fi radio are powered off. FCC certification tested and compliant.

    • One child per device. Each device can log for only one child. You CAN have multiple devices logging for the same child. If you want to have one device upstairs and one downstairs or one device at home and one at Grandma’s, no problem.

Key Features

  • Free Mobile App
  • Free Alexa Integration

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Meet The Brand

Talli Baby

Talli Baby

Necessity: the mother of invention

Lauren knows firsthand how it feels to be overwhelmed as a new mother trying to juggle it all. The founder of Talli®, and the story of Talli starts with her sobbing face-down on the nursery carpet when her daughter was 2 weeks old. She wasn’t gaining weight, she was crying all the time, and she felt like she was failing.

She and her husband were working with their pediatrician and coaches to get things on track, but they were struggling to get a handle on the information they were asking for. They were sleep deprived and overwhelmed, and going through multiple steps in an app every time we wanted to log something wasn’t working for them. 

Care of an infant (or any loved one who relies on you) is 24/7, and being able to log care with one press of a button really reduced friction at each event. That reduction adds up over the course of a day or a week or a month – and makes a huge difference in a very stressful time. This is why they invented Talli. The easiest way to track all the things you need to know most in those earliest moments. 

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