Vitamin D Nutrient Testing Kit




Vitamin D Nutrient Testing Kit


Up to 90%+ of pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin D, and the need for Vitamin D before, during, and after pregnancy is elevated. Needed's at-home test powered by OmegaQuant can alert you to a Vitamin D deficiency. Optimal Vitamin D levels support optimal fertility, immune function in mama and baby, healthy bone development in baby, avoiding bone-related pain in mama, an overall healthy and full-term pregnancy, adequate breastmilk Vitamin D levels, and postpartum recovery

Why test your levels?

For most mamas in pregnancy, 4,000IU of D3 is the most effective supplement dosage and highly safe in meeting Vitamin D needs. Needed's Prenatal Multi is dosed at this level (most other prenatals are dosed insufficiently). Some mamas, due to genetics, diet, geography, life stage (while nursing we recommend at least 6,000IU) or other factors, may need or benefit from a higher dosage. Testing and retesting your levels empowers you to better understand your unique Vitamin D needs, as a first step in optimizing you and your baby’s wellbeing.

How it works

Step 1: Register your kit at
Step 2: Collect 3 blood samples.
Step 3: Mail in results to our lab partner, OmegaQuant
Step 4: We send you the results within 2-3 weeks of you returning the testing kit

Results backed by science

Actionable: Vitamin D levels start changing as soon as you change your diet, supplementation, and sun exposure routine

Personalized: Personalized dietary recommendations based off your test results.

Certified: All samples are processed in a central CLIA-certified laboratory.

Validated: Accuracy of the test assessed quarterly with DEQAS (Vitamin D External Quality Assessment Scheme),, an international organization established in 1989 to ensure analytical reliability of Vitamin D tests.

Compare: Reference ranges show you how you compare to your peers.

OmegaQuant is an independent, CLIA-certified lab that offers Vitamin D testing to researchers, clinicians and the public and sets the standard for at home Vitamin D testing.


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